Olympus U-POC-2
Polarizing Microscope



Price: $ 700
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  • Item Condition: Used
  • Olympus U-POC-2 Polarizing Microscope Condenser
  • Olympus U-POC-2 Polarizing Condenser.
  • Fits BX series microscopes. It will fit the older BX40, BX50, BX60 models,
  • but since it has the “-2” in the model, it was made for the newer series BX41, BX51, BX61 models.
  • Achromat. NA 0.9.
  • Has rotatable polarizing lens on the bottom that can freely rotate 360 degrees.
  • Has iris diaphragm.
  • Has flip-out lens, however, this does not completely flip out of the way. The lens that is installed doesn’t allow enough clearance for it to be flipped out. So this would only be used with the lens in place. So this will not work with a 2x objective. It will work with 4x and higher objectives.
  • Made in Japan.