Olympus Model BX50
Polarizing Petrographic Microscope
w/ Bertrand Lens
w/ 3 MPixel Digital Camera

Olympus BX50_Polarizing


MODEL: Olympus Model BX50
Shipping Cost: To be determined

PRICE: USD $9900

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Special Features:

  • U-CPA: Polarized light intermediate attachment for conoscopic and orthoscopic observation. Includes focusable Bertrand lens with field stop.
  • U-SRG: Rotating Stage. Stage has three points where the centering is done. Stage rotates 360 degrees with 1 degree increments.
  • Mechanical Slide Holder with graduation marks for X and Y.
  • U-POC: Achromatic strain-free condenser with 360 degree rotating polarizing lens. Includes swing-out top lens and iris diaphragm.
  • U-AN360P: Analyzer with 360 degrees rotation on a dial and ability to lock the rotation.
  • U-P4RE: Quadruple Nosepiece with ability to center the objectives.
  • U-TAD Adapter for Compensator Plates.
  • U-TP530 First Order Red 530 nm. Full Wave Gypsum Compensator Plate. (slides into the U-TAD adapter)

Objective Lenses:

  • Plan 4x/0.10 P, Infinity/-, Strain Free lens for Polarization.
  • Ach 10x/0.25 P, Infinity/-, Strain Free lens for Polarization.

General Features:

  • Frame Model: Olympus BX50F, Made in Japan.
  • WH 10X/22. Widefield High Eyepoint (can use eyeglasses when viewing) Eyepieces. Field of view 22mm.
  • Crosshair Reticle in the right eyepiece.
  • U-LH100: 12 Volt, 100 Watt Quartz Halogen Lamp Housing.
  • Power Cord. This is supplied but not shown in the images.
  • 100-120V / 220-240V Selectable Voltage Switch on Frame. 50/60 Hz.

Photography Port – Included Camera:

Includes 3-MPixel Digital Camera, USB2.0 compliant, with software for Windows 7.
C-mount Adapter, 0.5x, matching chipset size in the included digital camera.
U-TR-30: Trinocular Head with three positions: all light to eyepieces, all light to camera, or split.

Do NOT be fooled by other sellers offering high resolution digital cameras. In microscopy, there is a limit of resolution that is based on the objective. Different objectives give varying resolutions. Anything beyond about 1.4MP is simply empty resolution. You are obtaining more pixels and drastically increasing your file size for no improvement in image quality. Most customers want high resolution such as 10MP without realizing this concept. Manufacturers and dealers sell them since they have wide appeal to uninformed customers. We can also provide them upon request.

Are you asking yourself: “Why is the resolution so small (3 megapixels)? I have seen 10 MP cameras out there and I want one.” If so, then please click here to understand the physics of light microscopy and why high resolution cameras give empty resolution and waste your binary file size.
High Resolution Cameras – Why they do no good

Special Notes:

Note #1:

This system is a complete polarizing microscope set up for viewing specimens such as rock and mineral thin sections. It has the full Bertrand lens (Olympus part # U-CPA). It is for both conoscopic and orthoscopic observation. Other polarizing microscopes do not have the Bertrand lens and can only be used for orthoscopic observation. They have Olympus part #U-OPA instead of #U-CPA.

Note #2:

Some Olympus microscopes are called “Polarizing Microscopes” because they have a polarizer and analyzer and can operate under cross polarized conditions. These only provide simple polarization and are not full units set up for applications such as geology and rock and mineral thin sections. Those units are not capable of doing mineral identifications with the optical mineralogy techniques.

Note #3:

Other objective lens can be purchased separately and added to this system. Olympus also has other compensator plates that can be purchased separately.


This is a reconditioned microscope and is in great working condition.

Beware of counterfeit fake parts:

Be sure of who you are buying from as a lot of “used dealers” are selling counterfeit parts, passing them off as originals.

Beware of counterfeit fake parts:

Be sure of who you are buying from as a lot of “used dealers” are selling counterfeit parts, passing them off as originals. Click this link.
All Original Parts – Not Counterfeit

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