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About Us

We are a professional microscope company specializing in equipment for the geology and mineral science industry. We provide petrographic optical instruments to fit your needs and budget. Our products fit a range of price requirements. We have the simple and cheap student grades as well as top name brand refurbished equipment from Olympus and Zeiss. We have a good selection for you to choose from.

We strive to provide you with the best quality geological equipment for viewing birefringent rock and mineral thin sections under plane polarized and cross polarized light. We carry a large variety to select from. With our wide range, you can be assured we can provide something to meet your exact needs. Our technical support and sales associates are experienced and capable.

We are a company centered around customer service. Our principles are simple yet effective. We listen to your application needs, talk to you about your budget, and make a recommendation for a best-fit item.

We don’t just sell the instruments – We provide a complete solution to your needs!