Leica DM750P
New Condition
Petrographic Microscope


Leica DM750_Polarizing


MODEL: Leica DM750P
Shipping Cost: To be determined

PRICE: USD $3500

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Special Features:

  • Polarized light observation for both conoscopic and orthoscopic.
  • Retail price for this complete system is USD $4906.
  • NEW condition. This unit is only a few months old. It is in perfect, as-new condition with hardly even any dust on it. Why would you buy a new polarizing microscope when you can get this one for so much less?

Strain-Free Objectives:

  • HI Plan Pol 4x/0.10 NA, Infinity/-, 18.0mm W.D. Part#556060.
  • HI Plan Pol 10x/0.25 NA, Infinity/-, 12.0mm W.D. Part#556061.
  • HI Plan Pol 40x/0.65 NA, Infinity/0.17, 0.36mm W.D. Part#556065.

General Specifications:

  • Condenser – has polarizing filter and strain free optics.
  • Objectives are centerable in the nosepieces.
  • Stage is 360 Degrees rotatable.
  • Compensators: Lambda compensator full wave plate. 530nm.
  • Polarized Abbe condenser, 0.85 N.A.
  • Analyzer and Bertrand lens module.
  • Two HC Plan 10x/20x focusing eyepieces.
  • One eyepiece has a crosshair reticle.
  • Head is 30 degrees for ergonomic viewing.
  • Nosepiece has four positions, all centerable.
  • Manufacturer Brand: Leica Microsystems (Switzerland) Ltd.
  • Certifications: UL and CE.
  • Voltage: Input 100-240VAC / 50/60 Hz. Power Max 5W.
  • Power cord is included and wrapped on the rear cord rack.
  • Includes factory dust cover.

Per Leica, this particular model was designed with the teaching of Earth and Materials Sciences classes in mind. The students studying materials science, petrography, geology, and crystallography, will all benefit from using this instrument during their coursework.

Need for Photography:

This head is a binocular. It does not have a photography port.
However, Leica has a digital camera, as an option, that will fit between the head and the frame.
The camera is 3Mpixel and is called Leica ICC50 HD CMOS digital camera.
We can show you where to buy this camera, in new condition, with factory packaging, for less than USD $700.

Options available from Leica Dealer:

This unit can be fitted with an optional reflected light illuminator. This gives it ore microscopy capability with polarized reflected light from thick mineral specimens.

Other compensator plates such as the lambda and quartz wedge can be purchased from an authorized Leica dealer.


  • Refer to the pdf file of the Leica product brochure.
  • Look at the preconfigured optical setups. There are two configurations listed.
  • This is the one that has the 4x, 10x, and 40x objectives. The other configuration switches the 40x with a 63x objective.

Beware of counterfeit fake parts:

Be sure of who you are buying from as a lot of “used dealers” are selling counterfeit parts, passing them off as originals.

Payment Method:

We generally accept purchase orders from government, educational, and industrial facilities. For some orders, we accept credit cards. We also accept bank wire (telegraphic transfers) transfers. Contact us for details.
Shipping Costs:

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