Lollingite Mineral Group

The Lollingite mineral group is a very interesting group. It is comprised of several interesting minerals that are often found exhibiting majestic microscope images under petrographic polarizing light microscopes. Mineral Lollingite actually lend its name to this mineral group. Mineral Lollingite itself is a very wonderful mineral when evaluated under polarizing microscope and it is also a member of this group of minerals. The simple formula for the members of the Lollingite mineral group is indicated by AX2, where A can be either nickel, cobalt, and or iron. X can stand either arsenic and or antimony with some members having some sulfur. Almost all members of the group have the basic structure of Lollingite that is usually splendidly exhibited under polarized light microscope. All members of the Lollingite Group of minerals are orthorhombic in symmetry that can be seen clearly exhibited under geological polarizing light microscopes. They are also very uncommon to rare in occurrence. Some members of the Lollingite Mineral Group include Lollingite, Nisbite, Costilbite, Seinajokite, Safflorite, and Rammelsbergite.