The chemical formula of mineral Cechite is indicated by Pb(Fe++,Mn)(VO4)(OH). Cechite is usually found on specimens form old mine dumps from a polymetallic ore deposit. Cechite is usually found at its type of locality at Vrancice, Pribram, Stredocsky Kraj, Cechy, Bohemia, Czech Republic. Cechite was named for Frantisek Cech (1944-), mineralogist, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Cechite is known to crystallize in the orthorhombic system of crystal formation. In optical mineralogy, this orthorhombic crystal system comprises crystals having three mutually perpendicular axes, of which all are of different lengths. Cechite has no cleavage display even when evaluated closely under polarized microscope used in the field of optical mineralogy. Mineral Cechite is commonly found colored black in hand sample. The density measure of mineral Cechite is usually found 5.88 grams per cubic centimeters. Mineral Cechite is commonly found showing opaque crystals. Cechite is also found forming brittle to uneven fracture. This is a very brittle fracture producing uneven fragments. Cechite crystals are usually found massive to granular form which is a common texture observed in granite and other igneous rock. The hardness measure of mineral Cechite is usually found ranging from 4.5 to 5 when evaluated using the Mohs scale methhod. Cechite is also exhibiting submetallic luster in reflected light of petrographic polsrizing microscope. Cechite is a magnetic mineral. Cechite is also commonly found leaving a black streak when rubbed on white porcelain streak plate. Cechite is also commonly found showing biaxial figure when viewed between crossed nicols of polarizing microscopes. Cechite is an anisotrophic mineral and is perceptible to strong, light gray to dark gray with brownish tint. Cechite is also showing bireflectance that is usually weak to imperceptible. The interference color of mineral Cechite is usually gray white with a yellowish tint, whitish, yellowish or rosy internal reflections. Cechite is found to be not radioactive.