The chemical formula of mineral Cavoite is indiccaed by CaV3O7. Mineral Cavoite is usually found at microcavites in massive caryopilite and rhodocrosite in braunite Mn ore. It is also found at Gambatesa mine, northern Appennines, Liguria, Italy. Cavoite was named for the composition, Ca, V, O. Mineral Cavoite is known to crystallize in the orthorhombic system of crystal formation. In optical mineralogy, this orthorhombic crystal system comprises crystals having three mutually perpendicular axes, of which all are of different lengths. Cavoite has no cleavage display even when evaluated using the petrographic polarizing microscope. Mineral Cavoite is usually found colorless in hand sample. Most crystals of mineral Cavoite are found transparent in appearance. Cavoite crystals are also found brittle. This is generally displayed by glasses and most non-metallic minerals. The crystal habit of mineral Cavoite are found acicular and this commonly occurs as needle-like crystals. It can be also found in aggregates and is usually made up of numerous individual crystals or clusters. Mineral Cavoite is also found radial where crystals radiate from a center without producing stellar forms like that of stibnite. Mineral Cavoite is usually found showing vitreous or glassy luster when viewed in reflected light of polarizing microscopes. Mineral Cavoite is commonly found leaving white streak when rubbed on white porcelain streak plate. Cavoite is also commonly showing biaxial figure when evaluated between crossed nicols of polarizing microscopes. Cavoite has a barely detectable radioactivity.