The chemical formula of mineral Caswellsilverite is indicated by NaCrS2. Caswellsilverite is usually formed as inclusions in enstatite crystals and in the brecciated matrix of a meteorite. Caswellsilverite is usually found at its type of locality in the Norton County enstatite achondrite and the Qingzhen enstatite chondrite meteorites. Caswellsilverite was named to honor Dr. Caswell Silver, geologist associated with the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Caswellsilverite is known o crystallize in the trigonal system of crystal formation. Caswellsilverite is usually found coored yellow gray in hand sample. The density measure of mineral Caswellsilverite is usually found 3.21 grams per cubic centimeters. Most crystals of mineral Caswellsilverite are found opaque in appearance. The hardness measure of mineral Caswellsilverite is usually found ranging from 1 to 2 when evaluated using the Mohs scale method. Caswellsilverite is also exhibiting metallic luster in reflected light of polarizing microscope. Caswellsilverite is also found to be not radioactive.